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Jessica Masternick recommendationComments from recent “Becoming a Growth Organization workshop”

– Deborah was engaging and imparted the right amount of fun, learning, humor and purpose into the session.  Excellent all around.

– I especially benefited from the segment on communications between departments.  It is surprising how much we don’t know about what they want or need from us and vice versa.

– It was a great opportunity for the company to work together on some common goals.  The training was a valuable first step toward becoming a growth organization.


Deborah Chaddock Brown was scheduled to present two breakout sessions on Marketing at our first Small Business Symposium in August. She packed the room for both sessions. My attendees are still raving about her presentation.



Deborah has presented to networking groups a couple of times on marketing and customer service for me during the past year. Each time the participants have walked away with lots of information that they could put into practice immediately. People are still asking me when I am having Deborah back.



I highly recommend Deborah as a speaker at your next event. Cathie Moss, Administrative Services Coordinator

Allwrite Ink testimonial 


Lakeland Institute for Economic Advancement, Lakeland Community College




“The Canton Chamber of Commerce presented Ms. Deborah Chaddock Brown as the keynote speaker at today’s “Fast Break Breakfast”. Fantastic Speaker!!! Ms. Brown spoke about blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, interactive websites and other social media tools. Her presentation was enthusiastic, informative, timely and filled with specific examples of how to grow your business and client base. If asked to recommend a speaker/presentation on the use of social media in business development and other related topics, I would strongly recommend Ms. Deborah Chaddock Brown.”  Andrew Spriegel  


Your staff members will learn the importance of listening to the customer and building lasting customer relationships in Deborah’s Make or Break Moments workshop. It will improve customer loyalty and your bottom line. Deborah Mercier


Deborah – We really appreciated your presentation at the Women’s’ Focus Group Meeting on October 19th.   Sharing the challenges that you faced and opportunities that were attained really made our attendees identify with your efforts in starting your own business.  I received excellent feed back as to how helpful your advice, experiences and suggestions were.

You certainly were a wonderful example of the career options and opportunities that are available for a woman today.  Thank you! Ann Kretschmer, Right Management

 Cindi Sees 3rd Fed letter


“It was such a pleasure meeting you last week! I learned so much from your seminar. Thank you very much for your time, tips, and information!” Julie Clarke, participant in Driving Traffic with One-Day Events



As Chairman of the National Franchise Advisory Council (NFAC) representing the Pearle Franchise community I had the opportunity to witness Deborah’s work firsthand over the last two years. While Deborah did not create the vision we embarked on, she was the person who made it come to life in the minds of our franchisees and corporate personal through her communications in both the written word and speech. She facilitated tremendous change in our company and in the franchise organization’s relationship with the executive team. She also brought excitement to the work of achieving our goals and helped us have fun in the process. Roger L. Sump, Former Chairman and current member of the NFAC Pearle Vision


Deborah is a dynamic speaker. She is engaging, humorous and knowledgeable.

Deborah’s expertise with Marketing Strategies has been valuable to my company. I expect a marked growth as I employ the strategies.  Cindy Stone, Cindy Bags Self expression at hand.



Deborah Chaddock Brown has been a program speaker for our Chamber and also a facilitator for Chamber workshops. She is bright, energetic, enthusiastic, entertaining, and best of all, leaves the audience with a practical set of workable action items easily accomplished that same day – action items that will help grow a business – and isn’t that what we’re all looking for! Douglas H. Johnson, Executive Director, Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce





“Deborah is an amazing and energetic speaker and helped our Chamber Members think outside the box on how to earn customer loyalty.”  Laura Petrella, CEO, Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce






Thank you for your professional time yesterday at the CFCC luncheon.  As the past President (2005) CFCC board, I believe that it is valuable to have speakers with your skills to share their knowledge with our membership.  ***  You helped us provide something free to our CFCC membership of value to them.  We thank you directly for that. 

Pete Pruszynski, FPC Ahola Payroll Services





Deborah’s ability to connect to an audience enhances her impact. Our members felt her marketing tips were timely, easy to remember and applicable. Carolyn Konefal, Hudson Executive Director.







I just wanted to thank you again for coming in this morning to talk to my class. You had some very good thoughts and suggestions that I believe will be very helpful to me as I continue to write.

You have such a wonderful presence about you! I’ve always been terrified of public speaking but you seem to love and enjoy it! (Who knew there were people out there like you? Can’t you do all the public speaking for the rest of us?)

Thanks so much again! Your passion is contagious!  Tess, student OSU



Thank-you so much! You are such a delightful person. I could listen to you all day. I have had so many people tell me how much they enjoyed your speech.


My goal is to give our local business leaders something they can take back and use today! We learned many things along the way, but sometimes we need information that is not buried under tons of calculations! We need REAL information that can be used right now! And that is what you do. Please come back any time.  JoAnne Capinjola, President, Uniontown Business Association














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