Customers Talk – What Are Yours Saying?

My mom recently had knee replacement surgery and when she left the hospital, she selected a live-in skilled nursing facility for her rehab therapy. 

One of the added bonuses has been the friends she’s made of the other patients during her two week stay. What do they talk about? Their surgery and their recovery.

They compare notes.

They observe and brag about their accomplishments.

They notice when one receives special treatment and they don’t.

“I feel like the red-headed step sister,” said one of my Mom’s new friends. “The physical therapists sit with you and encourage you and no one ever does that for me.”

“Yeah,” adds her other friend. “The doctor seems nicer to you than he is to us.  What’s up with that?”  Okay – maybe these 70-something patients didn’t say “whadddsup” but you get the point.  My Mom was receiving special treatment the others didn’t benefit from. Her customer service exceeded that of the other patients.

During her discharge meeting with the doctor she asked if it was her imagination or if it was fact.

“No – it’s true,” he confirmed. “The surgeon that operated on you is a favorite of ours and we know he likes us to treat his patients with extra care.”

Wow.  Imagine if your customers/clients/patients sensed or observed such inequity. Luckily for us – my Mom was on the good end of the stick – but what if it was the other way around.

Should there be a separate policy of customer care for t hose we like more than others? Certainly it is EASIER to take care of someone who is friendly and meets you half way in the building relationship process. And when a customer is irritable or difficult it can be more challenging to be positive and friendly.

But should we offer different levels of customer service based on  who we like and who we don’t?

Customers talk. Word of mouth advertising is the number one way to brand your business. If your customers talked would they all have the same story of great service?

The best way to discover the answer is to ask.  Call your past customers and ask about the service.  See what kind of answers you get.  What are customers saying about your service?

Check out this Customer Service Survey article for more information.

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