This Service Stinks

From Cartoon

From Cartoon

I have bugs in my living room. Big, leggy, gross bugs and when you squish them a blue goo comes out.  Ick.  At first there was just one and then a few days later, one more.  Over the last month I’ve seen and disposed of about 12 of them and yesterday when I saw one on the wall, I had had it and decided to learn more.  I carefully put the bug, still living, in a sandwich bag, grabbed my purse and headed to the local “helpful place.”

I was given great assistance by a young man who not only knew the bug to be a stink bug but that it was harmless and sensitive and found a stink bug catcher than I could hang in my living room. I had done quite a bit of digging in the dirt around the edge of my house in the back and had noticed the bugs out back and he assured me that this trap would take care of the ones inside.

So home I come, ready to get rid of the stink bugs only to discover that for inside use I also need a special stink light sold separately.  It doesn’t work without the light.

So one day later I head back to the helpful place and was met by two women who said I probably just needed to open the box.  Nope, I assured them and then pointed to the small disclaimer on the box.  I said that I’d been told this would do the trick and did they have a light?

I was taken to the section of the store and was told that nope, they don’t carry the light.

So I was sold something that won’t work? I asked. 

She didn’t make eye contact. She didn’t apologize.  She did not offer to call another store or order one in for me.  She just turned away and walked up to another customer to see if she could dispense more of her helpful service.

I can understand that some stores can’t possibly afford to carry all of the inventory available. I can also understand that stores sell out of popular items during certain times of the year.  But to not acknowledge the situation I was now in and to walk away without offering any further assistance or at the very least suggesting that Lowes or Home Depot might have what I need, felt hugely less than helpful.

What do you think?  Is it common sense to try and find a solution for your customers or is the “oh well” attitude that I encountered what we now should expect when shopping?

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4 thoughts on “This Service Stinks

  1. That’s terrible! I hate it when customer service agents don’t acknowledge when I have a problem. This is the easiest way to make things right.

    And yes, I do think it’s common sense to try to find a solution to your problem. The solution may not be exactly what you want, but at least a solution was offered. I hope the “helpful place” will learn their lesson!

  2. No, we should not expect that type of customer service. There is just too much competition right now, especially in brick and mortar stores, to have that kind of attitude. More importantly, did you figure out your bug problem?

  3. Poor customer service is never acceptable. I can remember when a package was not delivered on time to a customer. I refunded her money found a place near here that sold the product and called the store to make sure they put it on hold for her. Not only did the helpful place lose you as a customer but they now lost everyone you tell about the story and anyone who reads this blog.

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