Communication Key to Building Customer Relationships

100 tips in 100 DaysI received a lovely surprise in the mail today. A friend and colleague of mine, Leslie Ungar, president of Electric Impulse Communication, sent me a copy of her new book 100 Tips in 100 Days, 100 Tips to Communicate Your Competitive Edge. It is a clever, information packed, must-have to help you communicate your message in a most effective manner.

I flipped open to the first page of tips and found this gem:

Open with a WOW

“….It is your job to WOW your audience in the first three minutes.”

Think about that initial greeting or opening conversation with a potential customer. Would you classify “How can I help you?” as a WOW greeting?

Here’s another classic opening line: “Hi -let me know if you have any questions.” Gee, I’m greeted and dismissed all in one sentence.

How might you reword that initial conversation opener to include a WOW moment?

Leslie’s book offers 100 tips that help you communicate to potential customers one-on-one, to a group setting as in a speech, to a variety of people at a networking event or in a board meeting. By putting each tip in place, one at a time, the reader begins to gain confidence in their style, their approach and the value they bring.

100 Tips in 100 Days is a pocket-sized book – perfect for the purse or briefcase – you’ll want to keep it close at hand so that you can flip open to a tip at random and improve your communication techniques.

To effectively build customer relationships you have to master the art of communication – both speaking and listening. I invite you to head over to Leslie’s Leader’s Need to Speak blog to learn more from her and to consider purchasing a copy of her new book, 100 Tips in 100 Days.

Disclaimer – Leslie did send me a copy as a gift and she and I have worked together on projects in the past, but that in no way, takes away from the value that her new book offers. One visit to her blog or newsletter is all the proof you need to know that Leslie offers an encyclopedia of great information!

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