Is There a Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Relationships?

Customer Relationships are just like good friends

Customer Relationships are just like good friends

They sound similar but do they mean the same thing?  I asked the question of the Build Customer Relationships group on LinkedIn this week and overwhelmingly the answer was NO.  Everyone agrees that customer service is the foundation – what gets customers in the door the first time and turns them from prospects to customers but it is only when we work to build customer relationships that we enjoy a long term – REPEAT – business with our customers.

Susan Garvey  had this to say:

Actually knowing and ensuring each customer receives the type of service they want, not what we THINK they want. This can take any number of forms beyond the obvious such as prompt, informed attention by capable associates, the right products available when needed, etc. The best overall customer service usually comes down to some very basic requirements that most customers want ~ genuine, not scripted or “forced / manufactured” service, help available when it’s desired and not being offered or having products pushed that are of no real need to the customer. Making sure the customer feels and IS valued and always treated as such.

If you were to create a Customer Relationship Experience rather than a Customer Service Experience – how would they look different?  Or would they?  Do your employees understand the concept of building relationships with each person that comes in the door or calls on the phone? Share your tips for success here.

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