Customers Look for Personalization

IMG_4564I was at lunch today with another woman business owner and we were talking about the different generations and their approach to communication, business and customer service.

She’d read that this newest generation was taking on traits of their grandparents; embracing the homemade handicrafts.

“They are looking to learn how to make or purchase things made especially for them,” she said.

Well, you know how sometimes you hear something and then later in the day it is confirmed by a different source?

I was reading the posts over at Small Business Trends (something I highly recommend you do) and ran across an article by Barry Moltz entitled the 10 Customer Service Trends of 2010.

One of the trends is called All About You:

It’s All About You. Technology has allowed companies to personalize my visit when I go to buy from their web site. When I visit Amazon’s site, they welcome me back by name and suggest things I might want to buy based on what I bought in the past. This is the type of personalization I come to expect when I go to any face to face retail establishment. When I check into a hotel, I want them to greet me by name if I have been there before or I am a member of their frequent buyer program. This always happens when I visit the Portland Paramount but at The Nineshotel in the same city, they never remember who I am.  With the immediacy and personalization of this fast paced Internet world, great customer service is only what the customer says it is at a particular point in time.

Not homemade, but still that warm and fuzzy feeling of a simpler time when we knew our neighbors and the grocer greeted us by name.

I agree with Barry about the whole personalization thing.  I know that when I go to my fitness center I’m going to be greeted by name at the front desk and in the workout room by the trainers.  The swimming instructor knows my name too and makes you feel at home; like family.

I take advantage of the caller ID on my phone to greet my customers by name rather than with my standard “Thank you for calling AllWrite Ink, how may I help you.”  Instead – with joy in my voice and a smile on my face – “Hi Chris!  How are you?” hopefully makes my customers feel glad they gave me a call.

In what way can you add personalization to your relationship with your customers?

p.s. I made the little bear above using scraps from one of my father’s old shirts – a wonderful keepsake of someone I’ve lost – speaks to the desire for personal handicrafts.

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2 thoughts on “Customers Look for Personalization

  1. Holy cow, Glenn, that is some comprehensive article you linked to. I need to print it out and study it – looks like amazing stuff. Thanks so much for sharing.


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