Missed Opportunity

I live in a small town that is blessed to have a variety of swimming options.  In Ohio we don’t get many sunny days but when we do – the opportunity to take a dip in the pool is welcome.

Most homes don’t have private pools but there are neighborhood and community pools to which you can purchase a membership.

Last year I belonged to just such a pool.  I purchased a family membership and although my kids didn’t use it often – I enjoyed soaking, floating and reading in the pool while basking  in the shade of the surrounding trees.

As a member, we provide our name, address, phone and email.  I assumed that I would be contacted to retain my membership for this season.

The owner could have:

  • Sent periodic emails that address summer fun or ways to stay healthy and active during the long winter months
  • Provided a completed application  in the mail prior to the season – making an assumption that I would continue as a member – just requiring my payment
  • Offered a “prior customer” or “early bird” discount along with the membership reminder
  • Called or emailed when he didn’t receive my payment for this season
  • Surveyed me for ways to make the pool environment more user friendly


He didn’t do ANYTHING.  So…he didn’t get my business.

Not because I didn’t love it there.

Not because I couldn’t afford it.

Not because I’d taken my business elsewhere.

Nope – I just got busy with life and forgot.  I’ve been traveling and the weather has been icky.  But today is beautiful and warm – the perfect pool day.

Sadly, I don’t have a pool to go to. 

Had the manager/owner kept in contact with me, reminded me, strived to keep a relationship with me – he’d have my money and I’d have a pool to float in today.

Sadly – we have both missed a great opportunity.

How do you connect with your customers to keep the relationships alive?  I know that my dentist has me fill out a postcard that he can send to remind me of my six month check up.  I just bought jewelry at an art fair and the owner had me do the same thing – I’m sure it is so he can send me notice of his next sale or art show.

How do you connect so that you don’t have a missed opportunity?

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